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We have a variety of courses cutting across Coding, WordPress, Social Media Marketing and much more. Even though we have only started out with two courses published, in the coming weeks, more courses will be published here. And the good news is that you're not limited as to the number of courses you can study here.


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This is probably the most interesting part of studying with us. We know that the knowledge you acquire is important to you but we want you to have some fun while studying. So every Lesson you complete, every friend you refer, for every post/question you make in the course discussion - simply for every action you take in here, you awarded some points. With these points, you can access some more insightful information and possibly and one-on-one session with me. Simply put; the reward points for every action you take is the currency we use in Ehis Digital Skills. What more? You earn a prestigious badge for every Module you complete --- errrrm, get ready for all the tests sha 🙂


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How else could you quickly proof that you've completed a course that others may never have the chance to learn elsewhere? A Certificate, of course. At the successful completion of every course you take, you are awarded a Certificate of Completion. However, it should be noted that you must have scored a cumulative average mark of 80% throughout the Module/Lesson/Course tests presented you from the beginning to the end of the respective course.

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