A Practical Approach to Web Development with WordPress

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A Practical Step-by-Step Guide To Building Websites Using WordPress

Aim: To Show The Student How To Quickly Get A Professional Website Done in Just A Few Hours.

Prerequisite: No Previous Knowledge/Skill Assumed. You can learn this course and become a pro even if you’ve never held a mouse before.

Requirements: To Maximize this course and be able to follow through, you need your own computer (laptop/desktop), internet access, pen & paper and a mind ready to learn without distractions.


Coding can be a little difficult, especially for people who are not very interested in getting deeply soaked in techie stuff. For such people, website designing and development isn’t something worth giving a try. Well, it doesn’t have to be so! With WordPress, you can simply create any kind of website from scratch to finish without soiling your hands with codes – you don’t have to learn coding to be able to build websites

By the way, most clients are not interested in how you get it done and how difficult it was for you; what they will pay is what they will pay 🙂 Moreso, WordPress has a very large market ready to hire you always like they do me 🙂 . Following this, it’s become important that anyone who wants to build websites commercially gets a deep understanding of how WordPress works.

In this course, I will be holding you by the hand to teach you how WordPress works and walk you through by building a complete professional website from scratch to finish with every step I take explained to you. So you see? You’re gonna become a PRO in just a few days, if you’re serious!

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